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Dirt Construction Site


Transform Images and Videos into Real-Time Actionable Data 

From Cameras to Real-Time Insights

Our solution leverages existing or new video cameras and transform them automatically  into actionable data to make your operations more profitable and reliable.

Monitor What Matters Most 


Safety Compliance

Get a notification when employees or contractors violate Personal Protection Equipment guidelines or enter restricted zones.


Labor Analysis

Supervise the number of employees,  contractors and the amount of time spent.


Asset Utilization

Track the activity and idle time of your assets.


Cycle Time

Count the number of operational cycles and their duration.

Image by Joshua Sun


Get a notification of leaks that can compromise your operations.


Asset Health

Get a notification of leaks and missing teeth of excavators.


Fragment Size

Monitor rock fragment size to adjust the crushing process accordingly.


Access Control

Count the trucks that arrive and leave your premises.

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