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Viva Aerobus airlines unlocks the value of Adaptif AI camera-based real time analytics for operations optimization

The time between the end of one flight and the start of the next one represents one of the most crucial operations in commercial aviation: the turnaround. This can be as little as 25 minutes for ultra efficient operations, and there's continuous pressure on ground handling teams to ensure on-time performance while keeping the operations safe and reliable.

One of the main sources of inefficiencies in operations is the lack of reliable and opportune information of turnaround operations, which cause frustrating delays, and sub-optimal airport infrastructure utilization. data intelligence platform helps companies in two fronts. Firstly, turning the already installed surveillance cameras into real time and complete information of turnaround operations, leveraging computer vision techniques, a field of artificial intelligence, to automatically detect events in video feeds. Secondly, analyzing this information in real time, comparing against planned schedules and notifying process deviations.

Our solution also analyzes the automatically captured information to provide operational insights that lead to further optimizations. The already existing data sources, like the information captured by ramp agents or other systems, can also be integrated into our data intelligence platform.

This information leads to reduced time-to-action for airlines to prevent delays or mitigate delay propagation when they are inevitable. Similarly, it gives airports a better understanding of operations on the apron, giving room for infrastructure utilization optimization, better gate allocation and operations auditing.

Viva Aerobus Airports and Standards Senior Manager, Pedro Pulido Zavala, is confident about the capabilities of our solution:

"After running a pilot program, we're confident that Adaptif AI's solution will give us better visibility of our operations in real time and provide us key insights and information to optimize our already disciplined efficiency, continuously improve our processes and become more agile in our decision making.

Thanks to the adoption of new technologies, we will be able to identify, quantify and analyze process deviations in order to correct them and reduce cost overruns due to delays, which in turn will allow us to strategically increase our aircraft utilization", he added.

Viva Aerobus 50 aircraft fleet is the second youngest in North America. In the last months the airline has shown a traffic increase of 22% with respect to pre COVID-19 levels.

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