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Turning conventional video cameras into real time operational data for greater transparency

Success story for delay prevention in aviation, with applications in other industries

Automate the monitoring of cycle times, asset utilization, safety events, safety compliance and more.


Air Travel Recovery

The aviation industry was one of the most impacted sectors because of COVID-19. However, recent reports by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) shows that air travel  recovery has continued throughout 2021, in fact the global passenger seat capacity recovered to 51.2% of pre-pandemic levels in 2021.

Image: IATA, Air Passenger Market Analysis December 2021

The need for efficiency

Running efficient operations is more important than ever, especially for airlines. You may have noticed that there's a lot going on between every flight. Ground operations require accurate and timely collaboration of people and vehicles. Inefficiencies are a major source of delaysextra costs and knock-off effects like cancelled flights that lead to poor customer experience.


Image: Boeing


Every second counts

Airlines have planned schedules for each turnaround operation. The duration and the sequence in which events occur is so critical that they are defined to minutes or even seconds level.

Image: Boeing

The quest for operational data

Airlines have resorted to all types of systems to capture information to make better decisions, including traditional pen and paper, delivering information over radio to manually capture it remotely, or even through mobile apps. In any case, the operator rarely has enough time or will for data capturing, which ultimately leads to delayed, incomplete or wrong information.


From simple cameras to actionable insights

We built a solution that takes conventional security cameras and turn them into actual sources of actionable information, like cycle times, asset performance, safety compliance and real time alerts of events to reduce time to action. Additionally, we combine the generated insights with existing data sources like sensors or IT systems to find hidden patterns that lead to improvements to operational efficiency. Conceptually, this is called process mining.

Image processing challenge

Image processing with artificial vision software has been explorer for decades now. However, deriving insights from video feeds to the level that Adaptif AI offers poses a new set of challenges, including a temporal component, which makes it more complex than naive video analytics.


Hybrid solution

We build our own artificial intelligence software and leverage hardware from major providers to deploy hybrid solutions on cloud, edge or both, that integrate with your existing systems and workflows through APIs

On time performance

Adaptif AI solution for aviation has been successfully implemented at Viva Aerobus, one of North America's fastest growing airlines, and will be tested by more airlines and airports.

The company's Standards and Operations Manager is confident about the capabilities of the solution to prevent delays and extra costs, and to increase aircraft utilization.

Driving efficiency in multiple sectors

We're actively applying our technology across multiple industries, like manufacturing, food and beverages, construction, warehouses, yard operations, and more, to improve existing quality inspections, measure cycle times, asset utilization, safety compliance, and other use cases.

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