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Adaptif AI Platform

We use our software and hardware artificial intelligence Platform to deliver cost-effective and modular solutions that deliver results in weeks to make your business operations more profitable and reliable.

You can explore some example solutions that we've built with our Platform


Adaptif AI Data Intelligence Platform


Data interfaces and connectors

To ingest data from and integrate to internal and external data sources and systems like IT systems, industrial systems, cameras, IoT devices and data stream sources.


Custom deep learning models

To analyze unstructured data like images, real time video, audio files, etc. and structured data like time series, logs, tabular data, and more


Cloud and edge infrastructure

To host applications on cloud, edge or hybrid mode to ensure ease of deployment, privacy and being as close to your process as possible with the lowest latency.

Get Started with Adaptif AI

  • Receive a free 15 minute consultation with an expert

  • Let us know your use case and discover how we can help your team and your business

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