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Driving Efficiency in Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Recent work:

Turning cameras into real-time operational data for a fast-growing airline. Continue reading

We're committed to magnify people's abilities with technology, powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision

What can we do for your business

Increase transparency of operations

Get a better understanding of what happens on your premises to unlock efficiency. Audit cycle times, asset utilization, compliance and more with a digital twin-like solution that leverages previously untapped sources like images and video files, in addition to traditional sources like IoT sensors and IT systems. Continue reading

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Ensure a safe workplace

Actively monitor safety standards, unsafe acts and near-misses to back safety compliance initiatives with data. Turning conventional cameras from CCTV systems into sources of insights

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Reduce waste and boost visual inspections

Improve your quality control by automating complex visual inspection tasks and online reporting in real time to stakeholders, leading to reduced waste and reworks. Integrate with your existing machinery and even reuse already installed camera infrastructure and systems from previous investments.

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Make the most of your assets

Reduce downtime by combining existing data sources like IoT sensors and machine information with automated quality inspections to close the loop and  optimize machine parameters as soon as the earliest signal of future failure or defect appears, thus preventing downtime and increasing throughput.

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Mitigate risks in your supply chain

The constant demands of cost reduction and risk mitigation demands better sourcing and procurement. Adaptif AI leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to analyze suppliers' information to provide augmented vendor information that enable procurement  optimization.

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Bespoke solution leveraging Adaptif AI Platform

Leverage Adaptif AI Data Intelligence Platform and infrastructure to build a custom solution for your use case.

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Airport and Standards Senior Manager

"We're confident that Adaptif AI's solution will give us better visibility of our operations in real time and provide us key insights and information to optimize our already disciplined efficiency, continuously improve our processes and become more agile in our decision making. 

Thanks to the adoption of new technologies, we will be able to identify, quantify and analyze process deviations in order to correct them and reduce cost overruns due to delays, which in turn will allow us to strategically increase our aircraft utilization"



Hybrid cloud + edge solution that integrates with your existing systems



Remote setup and deliver results in weeks instead of months



Capable to reuse infrastructure from previous investments

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What's new at Adaptif AI

Preventing delays on your next flight | Viva Aerobus airlines | Adaptif AI camera based analytics

Preventing delays on your next flight | Viva Aerobus airlines | Adaptif AI camera based analytics

Resources for Digital Transformation leaders in the manufacturing sector

Resources for Digital Transformation leaders in the manufacturing sector

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